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March 2019 Performance Competition

May. 02, 2019

Sales group is the core group in company, ZHONGQI knows exactly the importance of the ability and management of sales group, and is trying best efforts to improve their sales skills and figure out an effective management method. On March, ZHONGQI arranged many trainings and took an inner competition of performance, stimulating staff to pursue their passions and realize their potentials.

ZHONGQI set a goal firstly, and then set a reward system for this competition, and updated performance information of each group every day. In this way each group got a strong cohesive force inside and could feel the atmosphere of competition and pressure. The competition lasts one month and achieved great results. Interviewed sales people said that they felt their own values from the competition, and gained a good return afterwards. Meanwhile, they expressed strong wills of holding more similar competitions in the future.

ZHONGQI considers company inner competition as an excellent management method, it brings passion, fun and pleasure into the work, but also strengthens group culture and increases company performance. Likely competitions will be held more and more in ZHONGQI in the future.

March 2019 Performance Competition

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